Here I present the research projects I have done during my PhD in cooperation with Pieter Spronck and several students at Tilburg University. The cooperating students were: Sonny Schreurs and Iris Balemans.

Validation of Personality in Games

In this research we attempt to validate the research done for 'Personality in Games' by modifying an existing video game. We have modified the starting zone of the video game Fallout 3. We have left the original experience of the game intact and we have added variables to monitor and track player's behaviour. We attempt to perform the personality profiling of the original 'Personality in Games' experiment in this new setting.

Personality in Games

This research extends the 'Extraversion in Games' research by investigating all traits of the Big Five model of personality. We also take an approach which is less like an experiment and more like a conventional game experience.

Extraversion in Games

In this experiment we look at the relationship between the personality trait extraversion and behaviour in games. The image shows the module created for the game neverwinter nights.


The Glove project adapts game difficulty based on incongruity between measured player skill and game world complexity.